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"Helping youth build links in their community"


To provide a safe, inclusive environment where youth can connect with their peers and engage in activities that develop confidence, life skills and links within their community.


We are creating a community where youth live and thrive in a network of friends, families and opportunities

Core Values


We provide opportunities for youth to develop a sense of belonging in their community.


We are committed to providing new experiences to youth in a safe, respectable, fun inclusive environment. Youth want a place to belong, meet friends and have fun.


We model respect and value each other, from our Board of Directors, to staff and volunteers, to youth members and participants. All our differences are valued and respected.


We encourage youth to help shape and develop programming.


We expose youth to a variety of opportunities to experience art, drama, music, sport, fitness, cooking, and recreation. Our staff/volunteers serve as positive role models and mentors and encourage youth to make positive lifestyle choices.

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